Can a Mother Lose Her Child Because She Doesn't Speak English?

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Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009
By Tim Padgett with Dolly Mascareñas / Oaxaca

Can the U.S. government take a woman's baby from her because she doesn't speak English? That's the latest question to arise in the hothouse debate over illegal immigration, as an undocumented woman from impoverished rural Mexico — who speaks only an obscure indigenous language — fights in a Mississippi court to regain custody of her infant daughter.

Greek Embassy Is Hit With Molotov in Solidarity With Thodoros Iliopoulos

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BELGRADE -- A group of young men in Belgrade last night threw two Molotov cocktails at the Greek embassy building.

There was minor damage on the embassy building (Beta)
There was minor damage on the embassy building (Beta)

No one was hurt in the incident. One window was broken, while the flames caused minor damage to the facade.

The interior of the building was not affected by the fire.

Eyewitnesses said that five men carried out the attack.

Afterwards, they split in two groups: one walked away from the scene, "another caught a cab".

Tanjug reports that police stepped up patrols and that an investigative team immediately arrived at the scene.

The motives behind this attack are not known at this point.

The Serbian police, MUP, said they had launched an intensive search for the perpetrators.

BLR Is Broadcasting Again

As of yesterday, after a great deal of downtime following a lot of spotty uptime, the computer at the signal site has been fixed and we are broadcasting with a dedicated signal!

Our computer techs singled out the problems that were causing downtime and we hopefully will no longer have to worry about being heard in the Berkeley area. Also, we will soon (by soon we mean in the next few months) be adjusting the height of our antenna to broadcast even further into the surround area again!

Thanks to the collective and community for all of your support in keeping free radio alive in the Bay Area!

Paisley Cuttlefish
DJ, Webmaster and Tech

Tristan Anderson August 16th Health Update

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Since last update a new theory has emergerged to explain the deteriortion in energy level and ability which we have seen in Tristan in the past three months: Tristan has a condition called POST-TRAUMATIC HYDROCEPHALUS. We can see it on his CT Scans.

Hydrocephalus is a blockage of the VENTRICLES, open spaces in the brain, which causes poor circuation of CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) in the head.

The internet is full of scary things about the dangers of hydrocephalus, mostly as it relates to hydrocephalus causing increased pressure on the brain, which is a condition we’ve taken measures to prevent.

The good news about the hydrocphalus is that it should have caused no additional permanent damage to Tristan’s brain, although the doctors are unwilling to promise us that after treatment Tristan will just bounce back to his old improved condition from before onset.

Benefit for Tristan Anderson!

Sunday Sept.13th.2009
La Pena Cultural Center 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley
(near Ashby Bart)
Doors open:at 7:30pm
$5.00-$20.00 sliding scale

Dinner at the Long Haul at 7:00pm
(Long Haul is across the street)

Rebecca Riots,Funky Nixons and others..
Cella Hillary,Soul(BLR104.1fm) and others..

Art Auction!

Tristan is a local Activist and Photojournalist who was critically wounded by the Israeli Defense Forces during a protest against Israeli's Apartheid wall in the West Bank.
We are raising money for his recuperation costs six months to the day after the shooting......

Sponsored by:
Friends of Tristan and Palestine
International Solidarity Movement

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