Gina Sasso "A Celebration of her Life" May-29th.2011 Sunday

Dear Comrades,Visionaries and Lights:
With a Sea of tears Berkeley Liberation Radio is sad to say Gina Sasso died May-24th.2011 in Highland Hospital-Oakland,Ca.
We are a having a Celebration of her passing May-29th.2011 Sunday Noon-4pm at People's Park in Berkeley,Ca.There will be Musicians,Poets,Spoken Word Artist,Family and Friends Celebrating her Life of Service to Others.Social Justice Advocate,Disability Rights Advocate,Berkeley Liberation Radio-DJ,Warrior for People's Park 20+ years to present,Mother to Dusk and Angelina,Partner of Micheal Delacor....
Gina leaves the Movement with a large void with her passing and a Beacon of Light for Us with her Life of Dissenting with Service,a Life of Giving of Light and her Ferocius Spirit for Others especially the Disabled...
Come Celebrate with Merriment,Revelry,Light,Laughter and Love...
People's Park-Berkeley, located at Haste St. n Telegraph Ave.
May-29th.-2011 Noon-4pm Sunday...
Program of Artist:
Andrea Prichett

Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1fm "A day in the Life w/Soul"

May-28th.2011 2-6pm Saturday..."America Needs to Know T.V"-Ch.26 will be Filming Live the Mural's of Life N Hope Crew doing what they do best-creating Light in the Field of Dreams behind the Revolution Cafe,finishing the Wall Mural and Soul will be Radio Hosting/DJing Live for upcoming T.V Show airing June-11th.2011 at 7pm on Ch26...It will be called The Isabella Show w/Soul airing starting June-11th.2011 Saturday 7pm-8pm on America Needs to Know T.V Ch26...Executive Director-Elizabeth Adams Production...
Come enjoy a Day full of Art,Music and Great People's...
America Needs to Know T.V will be Interviewing everyone who wants to give a voice to the camera...
There will be Revelry,Merriment and Huge Love...
Revolution Cafe 1612 7th.St. West Oakland,Ca.

Solidarity with Oakland Public Libraries! 14 branches at risk!

Libraries are one of the only truly free information resources. Oakland Public Libraries offer literacy training, computer and internet access, and a safe environment for young people. To threaten such a valuable resource in a city plagued by gentrification, gang injunctions, and unemployment is a slap in the face to the people of Oakland.

**Oakland will be left with only FOUR libraries!**

The Mayor's proposed 2011-13 budget impacts the city of Oakland with the following cuts to library services:

· The following 13 branch libraries are scheduled to close: Asian, Brookfield, Chavez, Eastmont, Elmhurst, Golden Gate, Lakeview, Martin Luther King, Melrose, Montclair, Piedmont Avenue, Temescal, West Oakland
· The Tool Lending Library and the African-American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO) will close
· Second Start Adult Literacy will close

Day of Action for Public Education on Wednesday March 2nd at UC Berkeley!

START DATE: Wednesday March 02
TIME: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Location: UC Berkeley Memorial Glade

March 4th 2010 was the largest statewide coordinated Strike and Day of Action in defense of public education and public services. Next is Wednesday, March 2nd 2011. This year democrat Governor Brown is planning to cut $1.4 Billion to public higher education. For the past two years, the state has been in this ongoing struggle against the cuts to education and public services. UC Berkeley has been on the news internationally, holding rallies of up to 5,000 people, marches, strikes, walkouts and occupations in collaboration with students, faculty, staff and workers. Please join us in this historic struggle by coming to do a show on campus!

Schedule of events:
12PM - Resistance Picnic/Food
12:30PM -5PM - Music w/ 3 areas to play
1-5PM - "Teach Ins", workshops, jam sessions
5PM - Community Rally
Tent City

Freedom Road Show

On Sunday October 17, 2010 please join me, Brotha Chaz Walker & The
Culture Keepers, at 400 Grand Avenue for the Freedom Road Show Building
Bridges Event. Special musical guest Prince Raedon, Soul (Poet/Dj @104.1FM),
Tenn Jones and the Freedom Road Show All Star Band.

This is great opportunity to :

1. learn about local youth programs
2. Identify resources for schools
3. Network with parents and net work with other professionals.

Food and drinks are available. This is a family friendly event, children
are welcome. The show starts at 4:40 but come early if you want to see what
the vendors have to offer. On the hush hush , we may a few of the mayoral
candidates drop by.

Our goal is to mentor 1000 boys for 10 years. Please get on board.

Thank you.
Peace and Blessings.

Brotha Chaz

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